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Had a good day today, despite missing my Nocturne folder for a good most of the afternoon. See, most of the ms is handwritten and in one of two binders. My research notes and some of the handwritten scenes that I need to put the info into are in the folder, which has been always with the blue note-tote binder all week.

So this afternoon, I have the house to myself. I have my binders on my desk ready to work. I find the first group of pages to type in the binder and get to typing. Finish those, go to grab the ones out of the folder so I can double check what else I need for a few others scenes so I can email a few more questions and there is NO folder. Nadda. Nothing. So picture a panicked writer, thinking what if it fell somehow into the newspapers in the living room and got scooped up for recycling (total fear!) so for three hours, every time I took a break from straight writing and taking loads in and out of the washing machine, I’d go take a look. Not in the living room. Not in my room. Not anywhere.

Then mom comes home, lifts the papers up on my desk, the ones I’d gone through twice that afternoon and there it is.

*sigh* How’s that for ironic?

But all the pages are typed for the day, so tomorrow I can veg out on the couch with the binders, do some editing on the printed out pages and watch the flames-sharks game :o)

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  1. Hey, glad you had a good day. And I just have to say, I love the name of your blog. I’ve done a lot of writing for women’s fitness mags, and I always wanted to write an article called “Dude, Where’s My Carbs?” But it never happened. Sigh. XO

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