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I always end up making soundtracks to the manuscripts as I write them. Probably because I can’t write in complete silence, and I also can’t write with someone right beside me. 🙂 Since the first draft of If Tomorrow Never Comes was written about uh thirteen years ago now, it’s had some additions to it along the way, it’s tripled in size from the first draft and the soundtrack of course is no different. I can’t find my original soundtrack list from back then, but here are a few songs from the most recent version.

‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’ of course, I love Garth’s version the best, but it’s hard to find online. Ronan does a nice job with it though.

The moment I heard Britney’s ‘Someday I Will Understand’ I knew it was Avery’s theme song.

This one pretty much sums up Josh, even though I didn’t add it to the soundtrack till the last revision. Michael’s Heaven Can Wait.

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