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Welcome to my first foray into Sneak Peek Sunday. Here’s six paragraphs from IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES out now.

If Tomorrow Never Comes


Josh was already in the kitchen when she walked in. Her eyes still held that familiar sleepiness to them, and he knew she wasn’t anywhere near fully awake. He reached his hand out to touch her as she passed by him to grab a glass from the cupboard. He watched in awe as his hand went right through her, a pins and needles feeling rushing up his arm.

“They’re on their way to tell her,” Gabriel said from across the room. He tilted his head and studied Avery for a moment as she went about her morning routine in the kitchen, completely unaware of the scrutiny she was under. She pulled the bag of whole wheat bread from the bread box and took out two slices, setting them in the toaster. “She’s very pretty.”

Josh nodded, fighting back his tears. “She’s beautiful.” He followed her around the kitchen, just needing to be close to her as she poured herself some juice and checked the phone on the charger. He didn’t even care there was a stranger there, watching everything, every movement he made. Every movement she made. He just wanted to be there for her, even if she’d never ever know he was there when her world fell apart.

She checked the toast in the toaster, taking it out just before it burnt and the fire alarm above the kitchen door would go off. They really needed a new toaster, he thought absently as she set the toast on a plate. The peaceful silence was interrupted by the sharp ding of the doorbell, and Josh jumped. He wanted to reach out, to stop her from going to the door, to freeze her right in that moment in time, but he couldn’t. There was no way to shield her from finding out what had happened.

The doorbell rang a second time.

Someone’s impatient.




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