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Thirteen Random Things about Lis

1…. I didn’t start swearing till I was 17 or 18

2. I have two stuffed dogs on my desk

3. I love planting flowers from seed

4. When I was eight I fell off a skateboard and skinned off the right side of my face. (didn’t scar thankfully!)

5. I’m allergic to bee stings

6. I’ve been a WWE wrestling fan for 20 yrs this month.

7. I have two scars on my forehead, one from running head first into the steps of a slide when I was 2 or 3, the other from hitting the corner of my dresser when I was 4

8. I’ve gotten 40 new books so far this year. (scary)

9. I went to my first NHL game at 19, Oilers vs Chicago.

10. One of my favorite foods to make is spaghetti sauce

11. I’m more comfortable in heels than in flats

12. I make soundtracks for every ms I write, a habit which started when I did only fanfic

13. I hate math, but I got straight A’s in accounting

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14 Replies to “My First Thursday Thirteen”

  1. Ooooooooow #4. I got a hairline-fractured wrist on (or should I say off) a skateboard. And I have a lovely scar across my forehead from swimming into a pool gutter.

    We had this brilliant idea to shut our eyes and swim, then see if we could guess where we were. Obviously, I guessed wrong lol

    Welcome to TT.

    Have a good night.

  2. Thanks guys :o)

    I only know the month because I still have the WWF magazine my dad bought me :o)

    Who knew childhood was so dangerous? *g*

  3. I’m another soundtrack fan – right now I’m writing a summer book, with island vactions, so I’m listening to a lot of steel drums and Bob Marley!!

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