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to this week than last.

Went out and did some errands today, the good part of dad being on holidays. They’re not stuck solely on the weekends. Though if we had gone tomorrow, I probably would have picked up the new Wrestlemania XXI DVD instead of losing my $20 after dinner.

Good points: picked up five new books. Yup, that’s probably the most books I’ve bought at once in years (since my Danielle Steele/Jackie Collins’ buying binges). Got three of the last Temptations: Never Say Never; Good Night Gracie; & Her Last Temptation. Plus a Bombshell from last month: The Amazon Strain and Joanne Rock’s new historical. Couldn’t find Gena’s new book at Zellers or Wal-Mart so will have to keep an eye out on the weekend for it.

After helping one of my best buds with her query letter last night and showing her the blurb for the DT prequel, she said it sounded good and asked about it so I ended up writing half a synopsis off the top of my head. Not bad, but I’ve only worked off synop’s twice before, and the results were iffy. Hope I didn’t jinx it. But did manage a few pages before falling into bed around three.

Other than that, missed the first twenty minutes of RAW because we went out for dinner and the darn timer didn’t go on for the tape. Grrr. But at least TSN here repeats it again at ten. Okay I gotta say, WHOA Cena on RAW. Loving it loving it loving it!!!! And his rap to Christian was a top ten moment of the year award. Just hope this doesn’t mean we’re losing Shawn/Randy/y2J to Smackdown to compensate. I do think they could pull a champ switch and take Batista though, since ‘no one’s safe’ if that’s the case, take Coach but that’s not likely.
Do think they rushed the ECW angle though, it needed more build up than they gave it…

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