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A writer’s best friend?

*shrug* Might just be in my case. I’m about 8K words shy of my 60,000 total though if I’m a few hundred or even 1000 short I’m not going to push myself for filler.
Because I may have enough as it is.

This is the second manuscript of mine that refused to cooperate and tell the story in order [Last one being Her Protector]. I know Temptation did that to me too and look where it got me, stuck in a corner though I am going to go back and start rewriting it from the beginning (is that a chorus of boos I hear? lol) I think I’ve grown since I started it five years ago and some of those opening chapters are really cringeworthy when I go back and look at them now. The idea’s good and solid…I just need to reshape where the 4 of them want to/need to go.

So anyways, back to my STTA rant & ramble. I’m trying to mesh this thing together. I’ve got one huge long file that I called working and then I decided to try and pick bits and pieces off of that and put that in order. And I just suddenly realized typing this the thing to do might be print that off as one then go through and block bits off…hey that might work. Who said blogging was a waste of time??

I’ve got a half decentish outline of the scene order, but now chapter 3 is headaching me. I think Brit needs to be more sassy and crack more jokes, she seems to want to be so introspective in the book and that’s not how I painted her in the synopsis. The great fun this’ll be to change her into a sassier version of herself. Jas seems okay and I’ve just decided he’s really going to look like Jerry from The Bachelorette. Originally I pictured him as MC but maybe he’s more of a cross between the two.

Nuff from me, off to print 30 some odd pages

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