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A rambling word or two about agents.

I’m beginning to think there should be a support group for us writers who are querying them. Right now I’ve got two partials out, one that was requested and one that I sent in in a query package (its been out since Mid November I think) and I’m seriously contemplating sending more out.

This proves I’m insane.

Before I had the lack of stamps to hold myself back, but now that I’ve got another 10 shiny 60 cent US stamps in my drawer I’ve got the urge to start sending out queries right and left. There’s two agents who I’ve never queried before because they don’t take equeries. The query letters are written up on the computer, all I’d have to do is print the letters and labels, stick them in the envelopes and plop down the 5.50 to mail the partial package.

And yet I’m wondering what this is going to accomplish. Is the manuscript ready to go? Uhm not completely at the moment, I want to go back through and revise a few more parts…but yet I want to send it out. Its crazy.

Especially with STTA still looming above my head. I wish this one was done all ready. But I know its not as close as I want it to be (52,000 words down and counting) and I’m now doubting chapter 3. I’m trying for Brit to be sassy – she just doesn’t want to be sleeping with her best friend but I don’t think that’s coming across as much as it should.

I’m still debating whether or not this ms will ever get sent in…*sigh*

Back to meshing it all together.


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