Happy Birthday To Me…

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*blows noisemaker*

So Happy Birthday to me.
As usual, it had more low points then high points. Why is that?
Let’s see, the high points were that some of my Xmas gifts arrived from friends. It was a WWE day for a fan like me to be quite happy with. Got the HBK Shawn Michaels book, Cena wristband and EG armband from one of my good friends in the states. And another sent me a complete surprise, another WWE book. So wasn’t expecting that. And to top it off, miracle of miracle, the world junior tournament didn’t go long and stretch into Raw so I was able to watch the full version unlike last night. :o) Woohoo, happiness is HBK & John Cena in one night let me tell you!

Low points, erm, parents mostly. But they made up for those four hours later on at dinner.

Thankies to all who sent emails and birthday cards :o) You helped add to the high points!

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  1. OMG! I missed your birthday! Arrgghh I am so crap with dates. Jessica had two birthdays last year like the queen. Happy birthdy sweetie and I promise I’ll try to do better next year. (By the way I can’t get the link thing you sent to the 360 to work)

  2. Oh gosh, don’t worry about it Nell :o)
    Just sending over the excerpt now. So sorry the link didn’t work, but I don’t think your the only one whose having trouble with it. Darn yahoo!

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