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Quick update, just hit 70K on Sabrina. Apparently those pages in the binder were WAY more than I thought, taking me to 68 this afternoon. I’ll push through to the wknd, hope to hit 80 then print it out and as Nell said, do adits. I know there’s a few rather gaping, glaring plot holes (uhm opening anyone? Black moment? Possible ending? lol) but maybe reading through it start to finish will help.

In other news, nothing much else. Still no word on the two agent partials. Wondering if the one to NYC ever did get delivered. A little nervous to email and ask for a status update. But I guess if it didn’t get there, I can make a claim to the post office and try to send it out again.

Had a bit of an idea hit for another MX wanna be, but I lost the best opening line somewhere between last night and this morning. Fingers crossed it comes back in some sort of form.

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