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Judi Moreo is a leading authority in the areas of communication and motivation. She has conducted consulting assignments, training workshops, seminars and keynote speeches in 26 countries on 4 continents.
She has coached countless business leaders worldwide on issues of corporate change, cultural diversity and conflict management.

Her expertise has assisted corporations and organizations such as Walt Disney Imagineering; Sony Electronics; the U. S. House of Representatives; Investec Bank; U. S. Army; BMW; Johannesburg Stock Exchange; Nestle; and Nissan Motor Corporation.As an international business leader and entrepreneur, Judi knows first hand what it takes to be successful especially amidst political, social and cultural differences. In 1991, she became a senior executive in one of South Africa’s most prestigious corporations. In 2003, Judi was named Nevada Business Person of the Year by the U. S. Business Advisory Council. She is currently President of Turning Point International, Inc., an international performance improvement consulting firm in Las Vegas, Nevada. In addition, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce honored her with the Woman of Achievement – Entrepreneur Award.

She has served on the Boards of Directors of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Women’s Council; the World Modeling Association; the Greater Las Vegas Soroptimist; Women in Communication; and the Las Vegas Professional Speakers Association. Judi is listed in the World’s Who’s Who of Business and Professional Women; Who’s Who in Professional Speaking; and the World’s Who’s Who of Women, and was awarded the Outstanding Achievement and Community Service Award by the American Women in Radio and Television.This year Ms. Moreo received the Diamond Star Las Vegas Visionary Award.

You can visit her website at http://www.judimoreo.com/

Below is my interview with Judi —

Lis – What made you want to write this book?

Judi – I am a motivational speaker/trainer and as I traveled the world speaking with groups of 30 to 3,000 people, I kept hearing people say they wanted to be more, do more, have more. These people were disappointed and discouraged with where they are or where they seem to be headed and they didn’t seem to know how to change it. After the seminars/programs, people would write and say they used the techniques I shared with them and their lives were better….so I thought the way to share the information with more people would be to write a book…thus “You Are More Than Enough” was born. My goal is to get it into the hands of 100,000 women this year.

Lis – What are the most common fears that keep people from finding their purpose?

Judi The most common fears that hold people back are the fear of failure and the fear of rejection. These fears go hand in hand. If I fail, people will laugh at me or reject me. So we give up or don’t try, rather than appear stupid or incapable.

Lis – What fear did you have to overcome to get to where you are today?

JudiI had to give up many fears to become who I am today… the fear of failure, the fear of what other people would think, the fear of povery, the fear of being wrong. I had to learn to take risks and not pay attention to other people’s criticism. I had to learn to trust God and myself.

Lis – What’s the one piece of advice you hope readers of your book take away with them?

JudiReaders will have to be ready to read this book. “You Are More Than Enough” is not a “feel good” book. It’s a “be excellent” book. They will probably go through a whole range of emotions…from crying to laughter…to anger. To get the most out of this book, the reader will need to be open, willing and prepared to think about what they read and put into practice those technique and skills they believe will work for them. They may even need to try a few things they have doubts about. I know my advice works if you give it a chance. It’s worked for me and for the people I have written about in the book. So my advice is “Read it and give it a chance.”
You Are More Than Enough Synopsis:
For over twenty-five years, Judi Moreo has studied the lives and habits of highly motivated and successful people. She has unraveled the mystery behind the illusion that only a chosen few are allowed success, and has become a respected authority on high level performance, personal development, and self-esteem.
Judi has now translated her wealth of knowledge into a meaningful and motivating guide. Writing in a comfortable, conversation style, she gives you simple, usable techniques that you can apply to your everyday world. It’s like having afternoon tea with your best friend.
In this book, she discusses how to:
· Recognize and release the fears that are keeping you from finding your purpose
· Turn your thoughts, hopes and ideas into positive action
· Ignite the spark of your creativity to find ways of overcoming obstacles
· Motivate yourself to set powerful goals and passionately achieve them
· Use your imagination to visualize and fashion the future you desire
· Associate for success, increasing your influence and power
· Build on faith in yourself, your life, and your source
The moment you start to apply what you read in this book, you’ll come to the realization that you really are….more than enough.

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  1. Excellent interview, Lis. Thanks for sharing.

    Totally off topic, but you’re my go to buddy for hockey…what happened with Gator?! I can’t believe he’s gone. Any guesstimates for captain? I’m thinking Steve or Ethan?

  2. Its a great book :o)

    I still can’t believe they dealt gator myself. A lot of the guys were upset, I know there was a good quote from Ethan the next day saying he didn’t care who they got in return, he couldn’t believe they’d deal Jason.

    I can see the C going to Steve, Ethan or maybe even Horcoff if he’s still around. Its going to be one heck of an odd team this year

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