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So the week started and ended about the same, more late nights :o) I can’t wait to get back to a normal sleep schedule, hopefully sometime soon. (Though with TPH/HP lurking in the wings, I’m not sure how possible that’s really going to be)

Weird question to throw out there, does anyone know who sings a song called I think “I’m Alive” I know its not Celine Dion, it sounds like a guy and its got sort of a strange beat to it so I’m not sure if its something new or old. If I knew what radio station I’d been listening to tonight I’d have called and asked but I was channel flipping in the car and it came on right after Sugar Ray’s Every Morning which really doesn’t count down the # of stations it could have been. So any thoughts/suggestions would be great.

I heard the new Michael Buble single today and I love it. Inspired an idea, so I’ll see where it takes me.

Hope to surf some more blogs this week and add a few more links to the side over here.
Other than that, Happy Easter all! Hope the Bunny’s good to one and all.


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  1. I hope you’ll get soon to a normal sleeping schedule. About the song -I don’t know, sorry.
    And Happy Easter!

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