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On the edits but still slow. Smoothed out a bit of a few rough edges in one chapter and am piecing together the next set (the Damon incident should be the set after these). This is the chaos that comes from writing any old scene then having to put it together like a puzzle. Not to mention the partial I subbed was a revamped version and I lost at least a good chapter and a half off the original version. Ai yi yi.

And I’ve decided I’m boring. Really. Not a lot to blog about lately. Watched the Oilers game. Don’t like the new ‘goon’. Course it could be because he reminds of my cousin’s slimy boyfriend but still… no likey. Watched some of the car auction, but not as much as I would have liked. Missed the big money Shelby cross the block :o(

Since the Xmas pictures are back from Costco and the first bit of the birthday ones, I’ll scan some tonight/tomorrow and share a few. Need to get back to blogging on a bit more regular schedule.

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  1. I can’t believe you don’t like Stortini?! LOL. What a way to make your NHL debut–spending most of it in the penalty box!

    Ah well. He did his job. Or at least that’s what DH is telling me! 😉

    Good luck with your wip!

  2. I posted a reply before and it vanished. D’oh.

    I think its something in the air in writerland. Hope it goes away soon or I’m going to bore myself with this ms.

    hehe, Thanks Julie!

    Thanks Meretta! *g* I don’t think Stortini did much that Torres and Smith can’t do. He’s really no Georges. And challenging Phaneuf? I think Dion def. could have taken him. Though it was interesting to see Marty fight! hehe

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