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So a couple weeks ago I tried to update the drivers on the speakers or the sound card…can’t remember which. But the driver didn’t seem to take and somehow I deleted it. Rebooted a few times and finally managed to get installed again, but don’t think it was the newest version.

Fast forward to today. Since the little above debacle, the comp’s been a little slow. So I figure no sweat, I’ll go back and restore the settings to the 18th. Yeah that’d be great, if the restore feature worked. Three times this morning, three different restore points all coming up as ‘cannot be completed’ Grrr. Ended up going by the geekstogo forums to find out what I needed to do, did a safe boot command thingie and it seems to have set it back to that date, though I can’t be a hundred percent sure since it didn’t make a new restore point to tell me that it was successfully completed. But fingers crossed it worked. Now I get to play with a utility to try and optimize my settings. Fun. (erm, maybe?)

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  1. Yikes! I hate when that happens. Hope everything works okay now.

    Procrastinating again. Muses don’t want to write this book in order, they keep wanting to jump around and I’m having a hard time getting them to cooperate. Let them run around nekkid for a few days and they think they rule the world!

  2. Seems to be working okay so far. Found a good program to clean out my registry, which was nice. Love the ones you download and they scan it but need you to pay $24.95 before they’ll actually do anything for ya.

    Oh no!! That’s way I’ve done the last 2 manuscripts. Darn muses. Too much time at the beach. Send them up to cold Canada, I’m sure they’ll come running back filled with ideas in order *g*

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