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March has gone by so fast.

Sure, I lost about a week of it feeling icky but still there was another twenty-some days in there.

Looking forward to April though, hopefully that means the piles of snow here will melt away and it’ll start to get nice and warm. I can start my flowers inside thanks to my trusty mini greenhouses, still not sure what all I’m planting. I’m thinking at least a flat and a half of pansys because they can go anywhere. And maybe some snapdragons? Decisions, decisions. Plus I’ve got about thirty seed packs to go through and see what’s going where. Yup, my gardening habit, almost beats the book habit :o)

April also means the start of the NHL playoffs. Should be good. Too bad Phoenix isn’t in it. Like dad said last night, they’re really coming together and playing great hockey. They could have made some noise in the playoffs. Not sure who I’m cheering for yet, esp. since grumble grumble Dallas only has 1 player I like on it now. The rest, er, not so much.

Oh before I forget, since we’re writers, if you write paranormal romance swing by
She’s looking for paranormal submissions and rom. suspense (though with that one, I think she said you must be pubbed) Still might be worth a look.

What’s everyone else looking forward to next month?

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  1. Sounds like you have great plans for your garden.

    What am I looking forward to for last month? It’s one month closer to the start of NFL season and winter – I hate heat, ergo, I hate summer.

  2. I’m definitely a garden girl :o)
    I usually do a bunch of pots (about 4 big round ones) and a few window boxes full of flowers. Last year didn’t realize the cosmos were going to take over a pot. 4 feet high and toppled over. So they’re going in the ground this year lol

    Ah your an NFL fan! Cool, I used to like the Dallas Cowboys years ago (haven’t really watched much in recent times) I can imagine TX heat’s pretty bad!

  3. Yes, I love the NFL and will watch almost ANY game that’s on – Cowboys, of course, are my favorite but I’m also a Raider fan.

    Texas heat is suffocating – humidity is not good for my asthma. Temps near the 100 mark with heat indexes over that. And the ozone alerts are horrendous.

  4. Cool! cowboys are a fun team to watch. I usually watch the superbowl every year, didn’t this year though. But liked the patriots last year.

    Sorta sounds like me with hockey, I’ll watch almost any team (cept Pittsburgh, can’t stand Sidney Crosby)

    YIKES on the heat. Wow. Definitely doesn’t sound nice. I feel yucky if we hit 30C here.

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