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I think I got a new idea last night I can actually work with, but once again the idea comes complete with no character names. Am I one of the few writers who gets this? Or are there other tortured individuals who are scanning through baby name sites trying to figure out what fits best.

Most of my other manuscripts, the characters have comed fully named. Chey was Chey the moment I had the first few words down. Same with Sabrina and Lila, although actually Sabrina was Rachel in the original first few pages (for my cps, can you picture Sabrina called Rachel? lol). Arabella has always been Ara and going way, way back, Carly was Carly and Britney was Britney. I always had more trouble with the guys in the stories (Logan for example. JT was always JT thankfully) but now its stemming over towards the main character more and more.
I have a few ‘plug in’ names I’ll use to write things down until I get a better feel for the character and they decide who they want to be. I’ve used Abby before and after Sab I started adding Rachel to that too…so there are pages in my binders where the poor heroine is named Abby in three different spots because I never did figure out what to call her.
Anyone have any tips to share about names? Or a good site to use? :o) I’m open to all suggestions at this point. All I know is this one’s YA, set again in Los Angeles, but with a more paranormal bent to it. I’ve got two handwritten pages since last night (have to watch the wrist this week, since I sprained it a bit last week. Too much writing and lifting way, way up to take down a hanging basket in a windstorm, not always a good idea)

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