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Feeling a little better. Wasn’t feeling too hot most of last week and this weekend.

The research of laptops is slowly going on. I’ve heard some horror stories on Dells & I think Sony’s? But I know to steer clear of Dells which seem to be the only ones reviewed online, followed by weird obscure brands I’ve a) never heard of and b) doubt are available north of the border.

Still trying to discover the difference between the AMD thing and the other processors. Can’t I just find a nice simple laptop (okay, simple might be the wrong word, I want one with a dvd burner and possibly a tv tuner so I can record stuff straight to dvd, thereby causing less arguments of ‘YOU HAVE ENOUGH VHS TAPES ALREADY’ and me sneaking them into the house *g*)

Other than that, writing is well slow going. Didn’t do much when I felt crappy and dad’s making me take vacation days since he now fears I’m getting old and grey before my time. :o)

Let’s see, what else…RAW wasn’t bad last night, really enjoyed the Cena segement. (Okay duh obviously right? They showed the man working out *g* And he has a hella fine bod…) If I could afford wrestlemania I’d be getting it pretty much strictly for that match alone. And maybe the Edge/Foley one, because man I hope Foley unleashes a can of whoopass on Edge. About time someone finally beat him, I think the last match Edge actually had his a$$ handed to him was that steel cage match against Hardy. Shawn vs Mr. McMahon should be interesting, but I’m just not as excited about WM as I used to be. Maybe not enough build up this year?? I dunno.

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  1. Oh the computer thing is much too complicated for my addled brain.

    I don’t watch wrestling (shuffling my feet as I slowly back out the door).

  2. Lis, hugs on not feeling well! I hope you’ll feel better soon!

  3. :o) Know how you feel Eve. I dread walking into a place that sells laptops and having one of the salesguys spew facts at me that I don’t have a clue what they mean.
    And online research isn’t really working right now :o(

    Thanks Olga, feeling better then last week thankfully. Not much fun existing on gingerale

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