NaNoWriMo and Other Insanity

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How was your Halloween?
Mine was definitely forgetable.
Had a whopping 22 kids show up, which leaves us 3 boxes of big chocolate bars untouched. I doubt they last the month lol
But anyways, I’m excited about NaNoWriMo which starts in less than an hour. Yeah I’m that geeky I’m counting down. Anxious to get back to writing. Maybe I’ll be able to get more then the 12K I hit on the Nocturne wanna be before it burnt out. I’m still debating between which idea I want to run with. :o) If your NaNo’ing, are you prepped for it or flying by the seat of your pants? Me, either idea is going to be flying by the seat of my pants *g*

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  1. You can always join the insanity Jess, even unofficially :o)

    Thanks Julie, same to you! Wow only three kids!! That’s crazy. I think last night was the lowest number of kids we’ve had yet.

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