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As a wrestling fan for 21 years, I wanted to post a little something about Ric Flair’s retirement. The dirtiest player in the game has entertained me since he first appeared in the WWF in the early 90’s and had his feud with Macho Man Randy Savage over the lovely Miss Elizabeth. I remember renting the Royal Rumble 1992 on VHS when it was released and watching Flair win the championship. (It was really weird watching the highlights of that on RAW and seeing him fighting Shawn in the rumble way back then. Like dad said, if you would have told them then what was going to happen 16 years later, I doubt they’d believe it).

I’ve been lucky enough to see Flair in person three times. Actually have a couple great pictures of him in the photo album, stylin’ and profilin’. :o)

As all the guys and Divas chanted last night at the end of RAW, THANK YOU RIC! For all the great matches, all the hours of entertainment and all the great interviews. I think I’ll dig out my Flair box set this week and sit down and watch it.


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