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So I had something in mind when I signed in tonight, more mumbles and rambles (since dad’s now convinced I don’t talk, I mumble?) Anyways, I found out I’ve written 175 posts, this one being 176. Am I really that talkative? Who knew? :o)

Anyways, I’m in the midst of Sabrina blahs. I’m tempted to call in to the clairvoyant tomorrow night and ask my one question, never mind if this is going to be a good year or if I’m to sell anything, nope…what’s the title of this d@mn book!

Yes that’s right. The title is still eluding me.

*head on desk*

I’ve spent all week trying to do the title, trying to do the blurb. Its a good idea. I know it is.
But these two just will not shake themselves loose from the cobwebs in my brain long enough to give me the SMALLEST hint of what it should be.

Nell came up with a lovely title for it on Monday. I had it typed in as the new folder name. Then I made the mistake of rereading 60 some odd pages. Began thinking, not quite so Vegas Voodoo. :o( So back to the drawing board.

In other news, watched the Dallas-Phoenix game on centre ice. Was nice to see REAL hockey again. But, a) the dang looping centre ice commericial during the 1st intermission, 3 times back to back. Argh!!! It was making me loopy!! And then started up again b) Okay, I never realized it before, but I’m darn sure now centre ice picks up the feed, delays it a few minutes and then puts it in. Because, hold on, during said loop it cut in to one part then cut out and three minutes later? There’s that bit in full form. And we missed the Mike Modano interview somehow. Goody. Thanks a lot *insert eye roll here* So the game wasn’t bad, MC got some nice points. And then my fave player for some reason tried to put MC through the boards. And then poked him with the stick. I do believe I stared at the tv in shock for a moment, checked the numbers on the VCR and will go back to it later to double check. Oh! And he threw a hit. Wow. Maybe the olympic break was a good time off afterall :o) lol But way WAY too many penalties; way too much fighting (not sure I like the newest guy on the team. Let me guess, he’ll try and fight George on Tuesday. Great)

Well enough rambles, off to check email and watch the 1am showing of Vice.

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  1. When I was having trouble finding a title I held a contest on my blog (Her Sexiest Mistake was the bribe, er, prize). I told them about the story and then let them rip. My favorite was “Buy the Book Dammit”. I have a hard time working on a book without a title – even if it ends up not being the title when its done – a good working title will do.

  2. Hi guys,

    Sorta past the working title stage. Its been Sabrina since its inception but I don’t quite think its chick-litty enough in tone or grabby enough. Course could just be me. Getting the itch to query (though shhh don’t tell my dad, he thinks it should be all final and printed out before I do any such thing)

    I like Vegas Spirit, its just doesn’t seem to grab me when I fill it in the blank spot on the query letter.

    And I gotta say a BIG thanks to you Olga for holding the contest *hugs*

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