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Not that I really went anywhere, just not near the computer. Had a good 24 hours with my best bud this weekend. Totally didn’t feel like it was almost 5 years since we saw each other. I mean, that’s just odd when you consider we went out every week somewhere, shopping or a hockey game or well, a hockey game *g*

Went to the last day of the fair/exhibition here and went on some rides. I think I liked the rainbow one the best, although for someone who doesn’t do heights, it does go pretty high. Nothing like feeling your airborne for thirty seconds and flopping into the guy beside you. Also did the polar express where your zoomed backwards at amazing speeds. Althought getting into the ride that’s tilted backwards from a sloping floor is really really awkward. Not too mention my sandals didn’t grip the ground that well, so I pretty well ski’d down the slope to the ride car lol

Hit west ed on Sunday, yet again bought out old navy — bad Lis, bad — but hey, most everything I bought was on sale and I need to revamp some of my wardrobe anyway. And best of all, I finally found Season 1 of Criss Angel – Mindfreak. I wanted to find it last week for my dad’s birthday on Saturday but every place was sold out. Finally found it. And I’ve watched most of it. *g* Oh well, I’ll rewatch with dad. The hardships of watching Criss Angel lol

Other then that, writing didn’t happen. Best bud was only in town for literally 24 hours, from pick up to drop off at the station so the muse took a vacation day. :o)

August should be a busy writing month though. I want to finish the draft of Chey’s story and I’m signed up for 3 online workshops. Re-visioning your novel. One on creating believable fantasy/para worlds and the other one on high concept with I believe Lori Wilde. Looking forward to all three, but especially the first one since I think Sab needs all the help she can get.

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  1. Sounds like you have fun at the fair.

    Tag, you’re it!

  2. That would be “had fun”, sheesh it’s a good thing I’m a writer …

  3. I like the rainbow too. At least your only up high for a second or two!

    Good luck with the writing… I plan to really nail it down this month too!

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