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I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately w/ everything keeping me crazy busy. Edits that take forever or block me completely leaving me to stare at the blinking cursor. Christmas presents that are bought but need to be wrapped, packaged and mailed (erm, yeah… still sitting on the desk) not too mention the ones that actually have to still be found and bought. In fact the only present that’s been mailed has been the one I bought off Amazon and had sent to Philly instead of me. I’m thinking next year, that might be JUST the way to go.

But the cards to the states are in the mail *yay!* because I actually had to go down to the post office to pick up a package.

My best friend is flying in tomorrow so today’s been a mix of emails back and forth with different times she may show up, since the airline messed up somehow and with the storm hitting the east, she doesn’t know what time the flight will actually take off. So right now we’ve estimated it anywhere from 3:30 pm to 6. Or later, depending on if she can make the connections or not.

Just more craziness to add to my week. Is your week as crazy as mine? lol

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  1. This week is actually manageable for me, compared to the last three. Good luck getting through yours, and have fun with your friend!!!

  2. I hope you and your friend are having a great time!

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