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I may have pushed myself a little too hard yesterday/early this morning on that marathon writing session. I slept from about 8 this morning to just before 5. Managed to stay in a bit of a brain fog for a few hours after that and it’s just now starting to fade now. I’ve had the manuscript open for two hours and managed to revise almost 2000 words but all my oomph and motivation has gone straight out the window. There’s literally only about 40 more single spaced pages for me to go through, but really…the words THE END aren’t even motivating me at the moment. Its like I’ve gone completely on autopilot.

The muse however is trying to tempt me already onto the next revision or even better yet, a nice sparkly new story idea. *glares at muse* I have deadlines in my head, things mapped out for the next few months. Between when I would like to ideally get these two books released (all right, three if all things line up and cooperate) and workshops I want to take between now and November, I may be chained to a desk for the next two months. At this rate, I’m just hoping I can take December off and relax, the first December I’ll ever have off if things work out. 🙂


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