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Another strange weird day in the life of Lis…

Never mind its two years to the Thursday I last got to see 44 play hockey in person -in an Islanders uniform no less 🙁 – the day still sucked.

In the mail today was a lovely jury summons form. Woohoo *insert sarcasm here*. I think this is the first time in 16 years I’ll be fully embracing my panic attacks. Yes indeedy.

I looked at the printed out stack of the first draft of Something To Talk About, the lovely draft that’s over a year or more old…okay probably closer to two…Its way different than I expected looking back at it. Has a few good scenes that translated well over to the new one but its still…different. I dunno, which ones better I couldn’t say since I’ve grown as a writer since writing down the first one on the old MAC. So we’ll see. Fingers crossed the new one’s good.

What else to ramble about, hmmm, I signed on to do an agent workshop. Kinda looking forward to that. Have so many notes and things that I’ve gotten researching in the last two years, hopefully someone out there will find it useful.

Nuff from me,

Oh yeah, if you see some entries disappearing on my blog, I’m gonna cut the whiny ones :o) lol

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