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Isn’t that original? hehe

Well first off, if anyone out there know’s how to put the links so that they show up when I publish the blog, please leave a comment. I can get them to show up in preview and then when I hit republish, they disappear. I can’t figure it out and I doubt I’m ever meant to :o)

Second ramble of the evening, wrestling related so feel free to skip if your not a wwe fan. It was so great to see The Rockers together again! Shawn was jumping around and you could tell he was truly happy (and so cool to see the old Rockers moves again, I forgot how they’d jump over the top rope in sync). Which was great to see, kinda hope they sign Marty to stick around for awhile and let the two pair up a little more. Am I the only one who thinks the second promo between Snitsky and Flair was taped before the first one? Someone backstage should have caught it when Flair was going on and on about it was the first time he saw Gene and how impressed he was (uh flair? about half an hour ago you were in his locker room) or is Flair’s old age sinking in? lol JR’s comments about Edge the last couple weeks have been a bit double meaning. Especially this week with the controversy comment. Are they actually going to come out and say what’s really going on behind the scenes? They are sorta pushing Lita and Kane apart at the moment so be interesting to see what happens there.

MS update: Chapters 1-3 Finito (well except for finding Ava a last name which I just realized I’ve neglected) and come in at a nice 51 pages. Any luck four will be completed tonight and I can add 5/6 to the mix as well.

Guess that’s about all to ramble and babble about today.


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  1. Lis,
    congrats on 3 chaps done and thank you for adding my link! So far, they seem to work for me, so don’t worry!

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