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Apparently people want to know how to make 20+ guys in hockey uniforms laugh. K and I have managed this not just once, but possibly 3x. The first one happened at a hockey game about six or seven years ago. K and I are big hockey fans and never miss watching the guys warm up. So we’re down in the club, getting our drinks and pizza when we hear the music start, which obviously means the hockey players are on in the ice. In a panic, we run up the nearest set of stairs, not caring at that moment, they’re a good three sections away from our seats in 136 (not too mention juggling cokes, slices of pizza, me and my bulky purse that K could tell you stories about and tickets in hand). So we come up the stairs, pause long enough to show the usher that yes these two crazy looking blondes in hockey jerseys belong in this area and go running down the aisle towards the seats. We made the captain at the time lean on his stick laughing as we rushed by. Several stopped and stared at us as we raced across three sections to our seats and pretty well everyone on the ice in white at that moment was laughing, we’re guessing even the goalie but he had his mask pulled down.


So that’s the first way we made the entire team laugh.

The second one was far more humiliating for K & I, but I’ll leave that one for another blog post. Let’s just say it involved a crowded arena; the words Oh my god and what felt like an eternity. :o)

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