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Two entries in one day…feel the luv…or sheer boredom :o)

On a break from writing/editing right now, woohoo lol
What to do what to say… Hmmm, well waiting till Rodney’s on tonight. I luv that show. Ever since the Xmas episode its been my #1 show (other than RAW of coursey course) Might pop in a wwe dvd later and see if that shakes free any creativity. I think I’m about 27,000 words shy of finishing the book *groan* and I’m definitely stressing about it. First chapter seems okay, second chapter still hasn’t come back from being proofed in the early stages and 3 seems laggy and not worth anything. And I’m starting to think the whole book is too much introspection. Its supposed to be sassy and flirty…and mine doesn’t want to go tht way. I’ve probably been writing angsty for too long, anything sassy and flirty fell by the side of the road about 5 years ago! 🙂

Mom and dad are out at the worlds longest hockey game right now. Its too cold for me to go out there tonight, especially since my winter boots aren’t winter boots and I don’t wanna freeze my feet off. Sure there’s bonfires but I’ll wait till Thursday or Friday to head back out for awhile. Apparently the silent auction is still going strong and dad had to up my bid for the Kipper picture. *Fingers crossed*

What else, hmmm…

can’t think of a thing… so guess I’ll hit publish and go grab a DVD to entertain me for awhile. ttyl!

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