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Wow, time went fast. I can’t believe its May already.

Weather here is still cold. It rained/snowed on the wknd which is always fun. Went outside last night to put the dirt I’d dumped out of last year’s pots into this year’s so I can put the seeds in later this week. Only managed to get half the pots done because the soil was so cold my hands froze and nicely swelled a little. Since its overcast and cool again, I think the rest of the pots can wait till its a little warmer and a little more sunnier. I think we had nicer weather this time last year.

Still watching the playoffs. Canucks sorta gave the game away the other night. Ottawa’s playing well, though I think they got stuck with some bad refs (almost wondering if they’re the same refs from round one who called back three goals on Sidney). Looking forward to the Buffalo-Rangers game tonight. I’m thinking the east is going to come down to Buffalo-Ottawa, and hoping the west is Detroit-Canucks.

No news on the writing front really. The sexual tension workshop I was taking ended yesterday. Great course. I’m not sure when Mary’s offering it in the future but if you want to brush up your writing, its a great one to take. I can see changes in mine already just toying with the novella idea. 🙂 Which bodes well I think should I ever get the urge to revamp STTA since the reason M&B; didn’t like seems to be the lack of sexual tension.

Hope everyone’s having a good start to the month.

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  1. As a HUGE Red Wing fan I hope your predictions are true for the Western Conference finals. However, I do have to tell you that I believe Detroit will take Vancouver in 6.

  2. Hi Kristie :o) I think it depends which version of the Canucks show up to play next round. The way they played the first 3 games against Dallas, they could force 7. The way they are last game, Detroit could take them in 5. But they are without Bieksa so the D’s pretty weak.

  3. I just hope Detroit wins tonight. I have faith that they will, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little worried. The Shark Tank is a tough place to play at. Can I just say that these late games are killing me?!?!?

  4. True, Sharks do seem to take the play up a notch at home. But Detroit’s a pretty good team, not as banged up as some teams. I can imagine. What’s the start time for you? 9-10??
    I know its a pain here with the canuck games starting at 8:30 most nights

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