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I read the *spoiler* for Smackdown on Thursday night because fingers crossed it wasn’t Shawn, Randy or y2J going over.

Well it wasn’t.

It was the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit.

Not sure I like this…is RAW going to become all brawlers? (Let’s look at this: Kane – brawler, Tyson – brawler; SNITSKY – brawler; Masters – someone who needs to have his rear handed to him…) I mean okay maybe the move will benefit Benoit and he’ll go beyond mid-carder, and him against Eddie, sure. But I can’t believe they couldn’t find anything to do with him on RAW anymore and bumped him over.
And reading the blurb on the WWE website about how no one’s safe, including the announcers…oh please tell me we aren’t going to have to suffer with Michael Cole on RAW. Because I love Good Ol’ JR and Jerry, and if we lose one of them, I’m gonna be forced to watch it on mute, which frankly is gonna suck.
How much are they going to mess with a good thing? I don’t see changing up the Divas doing a heck of a lot (though losing Christy isn’t going to hurt anything in my book)…

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