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For some reason my netscape broswer doesn’t like blogger lately so everytime I’ve tried to post a new blog, it shuts down. It also goes wacky when I try to comment on certain people’s blogs. So I’ve got my fingers crossed this is going to work :o)

Found out the mailed partial arrived in NYC Saturday afternoon thanks to tracking. I’ll have to call the post office and see if I get a refund since it didn’t get there in the guaranteed 5 days. That’s the only good part about expresspost is they do refund you if it doesn’t get there in time. Lettermail you’ve got no clue it hasn’t arrived till 4 months later when you email the agent and find out the partial never did arrive. Had that happen half a dozen times.

On the good news side, picked up ‘A Hoboken Hipster in Sherwood Forest’ yesterday on the way home yesterday and really enjoying it so far (6 chapters in). If you like first person and want a fun read, definitely pick it up. Robin Hood’s pretty hilarious so far (and he thinks the heroine so far is a guy… so should get interesting soon!)

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  1. bloggers been a big dufus lately. I was forced to upgrade the other day and when I picked the new template it wouldn’t let me paste in my sidebar – said I was missing a tag. Huh? It was copied and pasted from the old template. So I went back to the old blog, I’m not really sure what I upgraded to?

    Hope you get your money back.

  2. I looked at the ‘new’ templates yesterday and didn’t really like them. Not sure what the upgrades do either, maybe its just a fancy term meaning you’ve agreed to the new google based blogger?

    Me too. Calling tomorrow to find out.

  3. Sounds like a fun read! I do like first person and one of these days I’ll write one. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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