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Day 2

Well I emailed off the requested partial to one agent last night. Its funny, she asked to see it. Amazing what a different query letter will do. I went back to the 2nd version since she’d seen #3 and added that I had a request for the full of STTA and she emailed 2 hours later asking for the first 50 pages. I guess if you’ve got interest, their more interested in you? *shrug*

Other than that, writing is going horribly. I reread the STTA synopsis last night and realized I’m not sure how close the 25000 words I’ve got so far matches up to it. And it should match up pretty close considering if I’d had a full ms before I pitched I’d all ready know what the heck should happen.

I almost think Brit’s worse to write than Carly, Carly I seemed to know a little more… okay lets not mention I wrote TPH/HP as NL first. Maybe I need to try that with this one because picturing Brit and Jas as Stacy and Too Tall isn’t helping me all that much.

And to top it off the opening still doesn’t seem right. I toyed around with a whole new opening today and still doesn’t jive. Maybe I just won’t send this in…*pity party commences…now*

If I could just get the opening to click, how it should open…I’d feel better. And Vin is reminding me a whole lot of someone right now. See if anyone else sees it

Nuff from me, I’ll try and add something else hopefully not pityparty later.


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