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Happy Saturday

Home alone right now and finished going through my yahoo email…taking a while to get used to that, but I guess its not too bad. #1 Pet peeve though is when it can’t find the message. But I guess its better than the yahoo chat that bounces you every 45 minutes.

Not many plans for the weekend, going to take some good advice (smiles) and take at least today off from writing. Maybe that way, my head will clear enough to make sense of something. And mom said something to last night, not to rush it. If she’s that anxious about the book and still likes the idea, whether she gets it right away or a few weeks later shouldn’t matter. So no more added pressure on making my Valentine’s Day self imposed deadline.

So may pop in a hockey game tape tonight (yay me for thinking ahead on the lockout) and watch some old Oiler hockey when it was worth watching.



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