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All righty, here’s my first post in my brand new blog!

Not too much too say right now (but I’ll add more later)


So I’m adding more now. :o)

Managed to scare a few peeps today with that lovely fwd from Kris. Its too funny though, you think there’s gonna be mist and then that thing pops up and screams lol

Probably took a few years off my life.

Listening to Incomplete right now and I can’t tell the guys apart…I can tell J’s voice obviously but the others have to be singing there somewhere right??? Oh well another day or two listening to it and I should at least be able to find Frack’s voice (I hope!!) I think he joins in with AJ at some point, because I kinda pick him up for a second but then he fades…I dunno, he’s gotta be there somewhere… 🙂

Anyways, onto writing…

Taking a break from Brit and Jas’ story right now, the opening chapter just doesn’t seem right. In fact the opening doesn’t seem right at all and I don’t know if I even know Brit well enough. It all seems forced and ugly and bad. I should send an R to myself and save a poor unsuspecting editor the trouble.

I have no clue what else to type in this thing, not sure who I’ll even send the link to to read it. Its strange that I signed up for this addy two years ago and just stumbled back onto it today.

Excited though that one of my top three agents wants to see the opening of HP. It’d be nice to finally be finished with Matt and Carly and get the two of them out of my hair. The partial this time seems much stronger so guess that’s a good thing.

All righty, nuff from me.


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