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Feels like I’m stuck in a rut right now. I’m so tired of working on Sabrina. And its really starting to feel like there’s NO end in sight on the story. Though I did manage to scribble down a timeline and bit of synopsis (short, very short) during RAW the other night.

Other than that, nothing new to report. Old partials are still floating I guess in the black hole between here and NYC. Guess I really should call canada post one of these days and see when they cut off the date for refunds. $15 out the window. Great fun I say, great fun!

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  1. Don’t worry about it – I haven’t been getting the word count the last couple of nights that I got Monday night, but that’s okay, a little bit is still progress. So all you got was a timeline and a bit of synopsis. Did you have that before? See, progress. You just have to take it where you can get it.

  2. Very true Eve.
    I’m just getting really bored of the story. Like to be polished already and ready to submit so I can think about something else for awhile.

  3. I know the feeling. Maybe you just need to step away for a little bit. I know, you’ve worked so hard, but if you are bored with it, that can sometimes show up in the writing. Work on something else for a little bit? If you’ve tried this and it hasn’t worked, then maybe I’ll send some of my nekkid muses your way LOL

  4. Might have to try that, something new and fresh and just let Sab sit for awhile. I’m afraid too I’m gonna ruin any good bits I have thinking too much (possibly already have)
    And hey, nekkid muses always good! *G*

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