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Thinking, thinking, thinking…

Watching RAW tonight as Randy got concussion #3 in a week it hit me, I’m attracted to injured guys. What does that say about me??

Shawn = back, knees

J = back, knee

Randy = shoulder, and now concussions…


Writing update:

Went to my usual Monday afternoon writers chat and asked the girls there their opinion of the opening paragraph on the synopsis. All agreed it sounded okay (phew) and that the game probably takes place outside of their home. So I decided to set Chapter One in some rented out VIP room of some hot new club. Only problem is naming said Hot New Club. Plus I need a golf course name for Brit’s job. Any ideas???? You can email them to me. :o) And if I get pubbed, I’ll put your name in the dedications hehehe

So at least I feel a tad bit more confident about chapter 1. With any luck I can get it written tonight or at least by Friday. Fingers crossed.


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