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~Pondering signs of he’s just not that into you or vice versa. If you know any, let me know :o)

~Making a list of things to get for Xmas presents. Hoping to tackle West Edmonton Mall before the holiday crowds hit and make things a nuthouse. Some of my friends give me lists which is cool but a few don’t so I need to really think this year. My one good bud and critique buddy I’ve gotten gel pens the last two years but this year I wanted to change things up so need to look around and see what I can see for her.

~Getting a pretty good collection of seeds this year off the plants, last year not so much. But this is good and some of the plants are even still blooming. Already started the second envelope on the cosmo seeds and snapdragons and thinking about starting the other for pansy seeds.

~NHL Centre Ice definitely well worth ordering :o) So glad I thought of that this year. It was such a pain in the butt trying to listen to the games on internet radio and having it buffer. This year I just get to sit and watch and enjoy. Watched the Isles-Caps game last night. Can I just say how great the Washington FSN commentary guys are? Some of the best in the league. And it doesn’t hurt they knew how to actually say my favorite player’s name. Too bad DiPietro got hurt in the second though. Least Snow came in and played well!

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  1. I hope you’ll find great Christmas presents! And congrats on having a nice seeds collection – I know how much you love gardening!

  2. Hi — I’m Jess, Nell Dixon’s CP (I found you through her page) and beginner blogger. I can’t help being jealous of your word count record bars and would love to have one on my page too. Could you let me know where you got the code? Thanks! Jess 🙂

  3. Hi Lis — thanks for the link. I’ve managed to get it on the page but my percentage is stuck on 0! Any ideas? Sorry!

  4. Hmm.. can’t even load their website at the moment so I guess they are having a problem. Will try again on the weekend, maybe. Thanks!

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