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ISBN# 978-1-60070-063-7

INDIGO AWAKENING is the true life story of Dr. Janine Talty and her challenges growing up as an Indigo child, a term she doesn’t learn until later on life. As a child, she has the ability to tap into past life memories and is a skilled artist and healer along with her father to the hurt and injured animals that seem drawn to her, but school is beyond difficult. She has a hard time interacting with other kids, and some subjects, especially math and english, are impossible to understand until she later discovers she’s dyslexic and creates her own way to handle these two subjects. Art is the only release a young Janine has, until she discovers the joy of running, something that will lead her to her career first in sports medicine, despite being told repeatedly that University isn’t something she should strive for.

An at times emotional read, INDIGO AWAKENING is also inspiring, giving hope to the reader that life as an Indigo doesn’t have to remain as cruel as sometimes an Indigo childhood is. To truly evolve to the Indigo you were meant to be, you have go through certain events to help shape who you are supposed to become. Janine takes the reader through her entire life, through the problems of her childhood and her escape through art and sport, where she could tune in to memories and thoughts without issue to her awakening as an Indigo and her journey to discover what it is she’s destined to find out at age forty-two.

I’ve been interested in Indigo Children since I first heard the term on television a few years ago. A lot of the telltale signs of Indigos are addressed in this book, the outsider feeling to other kids during childhood; a difficult childhood overall; the ability to know something before it happens and much, much more. Readers with Indigo abilities will no doubt find themselves nodding at various points of the book, finally realizing they aren’t alone in certain experiences.

Anyone who has any interest in learning more about Indigo children, whether to learn more or see if they have some of the signs themselves should pick up INDIGO AWAKENING.

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