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You’re a Dialogue/Character Writer!

What kind of writer are you?
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So I took the quiz above, and it seems to fit right because 90% of my stories seem to be dialogue. Kinda kewl so I thought I’d share the link. Watched Don Cherry’s 16 DVD tonight with dad (yes the exciting Saturday nights I lead…gasp hard to think I could have gone up to bed at 10:15 and declined) Janne makes 4 appearances, which we of course paused and rewound (though I’m still wonky with the fast forward feature on the computer) so we ended up watching the same chapter 3 times for a ten second fight scene. :o) Interesting to see though. What else what else, heck if I know. If anyone’s around tonight and are on msn, yahoo or AIM give me a shout! My Buffy Season 1 still sealed DVDs are looking might tempting! ~Lissy

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