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Its March…

I like March. Well so far. Its starting off good. Night two of insomnia produced about six more hastily scribbled down sceneage for STTA. Including one scene I’ve rewritten about four times now. Which version makes it to the final manuscript, still don’t know. See what mood me and the two characters are in when I get there.

Today was weird. Plain weird. :o) I think I mentioned before about the silent auction thing right? Okay so the game ended last week, no call. Now dad upped the bid on the picture and used his name (he told me when he came home that night so I know this for sure) so today its about 3 pm. I’ve watched the early showing of GH (still can’t believe Tamara’s leaving. Why why why!!) and about to set up the rest of the work day which is typing up last nights pages. But before going online, I slip on my lovely new mardi gras beads and the phone rings.
Its for me.
Now when someone asks for me by my full name. I start to panic. Agents who have partials and queries and most importantly my phone number fly through my mind. Could be Stephanie. Miriam…omg…
No its someone from the silent auction, they’ve extended the deadline to the 7th, I have a couple items right now (this comment still makes no sense…more on that later) blah blah blah. So while this is sinking in and I’m really trying to get my breathing ability back over the panic, I ask which office the stuff’s at to go bid and she tells me and I say bye.
Now the sheer weirdness of this moment hits me.
A) Dad was the head bidder when they closed up the trailer last monday at 12:13 pm. She didn’t ask for him, she asked for me. (And I bid like the second day of the game…makes no sense to me whatsoever)
Weird. Wacky.
So I don’t know… *shrug* But strikes me as odd.

Adding to the weirdness of the day…
Finally able to download all the lovely windows updates it wouldn’t do a month ago and 3 tell me i can’t install because I don’t have sp2 in. *Shrug* So why tell me I need them???

I gotta ramble on RAW last night, if you aren’t a WWE, Shawn, Randy fan…back away now:

Okay, so Shawn once again gets the shit beat out of him. *hides face in hands* And he’s bleeding like Austin way back when at like Wrestlemania 13/14. So why the hell doesn’t Earl stop this?? I mean really, hello Earl your supposed to be one of Shawn’s close friends, take a look at the guy. When you can’t see his face clearly, isn’t that a sign to put your hands in the air and make an X and get the guy some medical attention?
And I really think he nailed Edge a couple times too, because he had a nice indent from the ladder on his back. Good for him. Starting to think there’s some real genuine anomisity (sp?) between them.
And can I just say how much I completely disrespect Angle right now? I know its a storyline but for crying out loud, Shawn was halfway conscious or looked to be and he comes running in and beating him up like nothing’s wrong, like there aren’t puddles of blood ringside and in the ring. Argh!!!

Rant 2: Randy…okay so I’ve read the rumors about Randy’s ‘wild’ ways outside of the ring. Fine. Good. Feel free to punish him anyway you like – but give the guy more than 2 minutes of airtime on the show! For crying out loud I had the VCR all ready and he’s just in the back. *shakes head* If I’d been at that RAW I would have been majorly ticked about that little injustice.

Point 3 (its not soo much a rant) – Batista rocks. Really. He’s going to be pretty much unstoppable I think if they do this right for the first while. Let’s just hope he doesn’t drop the belt back to good ol’ Hunter…by the end of April (why can’t he go to Smackdown???? Take Nature Boy woooo with him for at least the summer…)

Nuff ranting, but its really annoying when I can’t even stand to watch half my favorite show anymore.

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