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Wow, 600. Seems a bit of a milestone and a better title then ‘is this thing on?’

July has been crazy. Here’s a list of a few of things that went on:

* Laptop fan
* Rescue as much as possible off laptop hard drive
* Submit manuscript
* Clean up and box a whole half a room before energy audit guy shows up because…
* new furnace and a/c is installed the very next day and day after…
* impromptu visit by relative I haven’t seen in 20 yrs
* request for partial off query I forgot I sent last Sept.
* Dad’s 60th birthday

So yeah, that’s a bit of craziness, to be added to next month when:

* Mom’s birthday
* Dad’s two cataract surgeries
* Their anniversary

and I have my first cavity, which means finding a dentist that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable like the old one does. Happy, happy joy joy.

As you can tell, been a real great summer so far (can you detect the sarcasm?)

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