Thursday Thirteen

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First one of 2008

Thirteen Goals for 2008

1. Revamp and makeover blog (so if you know of any great free template sites, send them my way!)

2. Break out of my shell – be more talkative on the loops; boards; whatever

3. Start and finish 3 new projects

4. Catch up on my pile of review books

5. Get to at least one more game this hockey season

6. Go to at least one concert

7. Be more confidant

8. Spend more time outside this summer

9. Relax more

10. Learn to stop worrying as much

11. Bowflex my new BFF

12. Take a vacation

13. Learn something new

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8 Replies to “Thursday Thirteen”

  1. What a great list of goals – a lot of similar things will be going on my list, too! Last year I made a list of goals – reminders, really, of things I wanted to pursue – and kept them in the sidebar of my blog, updating my progress. It was really a great tool, and while I didn’t finish everything, it gave me a place to go for ideas when I started to feel stuck in another rut, and kept some of the goals I might have forgotten about simmering in my brain. Anyway, just an idea. Good luck with your goals and writing projects!

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