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Its that time again, new idea time. When characters are nothing more than fuzzy images lurking around the corners of my mind, debating on whether or not to introduce themselves. At this point, most of my notes have my fill in the blank names. I’m partial to Rachel or Abby at this stage, until they finally push those names aside and the real one emerges. Only once in awhile do the characters come up and introduce themselves before I start writing. Chey was one, although she was without a last name till the second draft. Sabrina was Rachel until the end of the original chapter one of VW.

This is also the stage where I try and figure out what music I’m writing to. I can’t write in silence. Just doesn’t happen. I end up sitting there, staring off into space… so its not really productive. Usually I’ll stick to one CD for an entire draft or start to piece together a soundtrack and write to that. VW I wrote to Diana Krall’s Xmas CD. Chey had a soundtrack, though I played a lot of Justin Timberlake’s last CD for the second draft.

But since I have 2 possible ideas tugging at me, its hard to decide which music works with which idea. One idea seems to be darker then the other. The other is a revised, updated spin on one of my old, old stories. Soundtrack for that one would be almost built right in.D

Decisions, decisions…

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  1. I make soundtracks too.

    Which idea is pulling the most? Which one is more fully developed at this stage?

  2. So, have you decided?

    I generally don’t make soundtracks. But may try it this time around!

  3. I’d say the ideas are about equal at the moment, though one does have a built in soundtrack *g* I’m going to work on both till about chapter 3 and then see which one has more pull.

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