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Well I hit the 16 week mark on Tuesday this week. Sorta have a peaceful feeling right now (though can’t promise that in 48 hours lol) so I guess maybe I’m closer to the end side of wait time than I am to the beginning — or so I hope *g*

Weekend was slow and slightly relaxing. Barring a small argument with dad yesterday at Costco things were good. Even got a Miami Vice fix :o)

And I am now officially a geek – I bought my Christmas cards already. But they were cute, they were on sale and I now have 40 cute cards waiting to go out this December. Not sure I’ll need all 40 but hey, too adorable to pass up.

Went out this afternoon and grabbed a few more books for my tbr pile. American Idle and 2 of the August bombshells that someone at Zellers so thoughtfully put out early. Looked at the new Kat Martin and debated buying it, but passed for the moment. Saw the new Catherine Mann book I wanted at Shopper’s but they didn’t have it at Zellers so have to pick that one up later too.

Writing’s going not bad this weekend. I want to grab one of those word counters and put it up on the side over there. Scribbled out about 5 pages last night watching Shall We Dance? Gotta say I felt slightly knowledgeable after watching Dancing With The Stars on knowing the Pasa Double! hehe Not a bad movie though. Liked Richard Gere in there.

Need to take pictures of my flower pots this week, when they come back I’ll scan them and put them up. Pretty proud of how huge my Cosmos are this year. They’re taking over!! Right now their probably a good 4.5 feet high and still growing. Though I had to cut some down in the other pot, some insect is getting to them. Not sure they’ll come back or not but better to lose them than my whole pot like I did last year with my ring of portulancas.

Nuff from me!


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  2. Lis, hi! I made a comment, but it somehow disappeared. Glad you got great books for your tbr pile, and can’t wait to see the pictures of your flowers!

  3. Hi Olga!

    Oh no, sorry it lost the comment. Blogger sometimes gets weird, i know i’ll update the blog and it won’t post my new entry sometimes.
    Hopefully get the pictures up next weekend? See how fast I can get them developed. :o)

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