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So its heatwave time in alberta again. Pathetic hot with no breeze. Reminds me of being in Regina, so hot you can’t really breathe.

Which makes total sense that today’s the day dad decides its time to clear the junk out and rents a u-haul. Since mom’s knee is buggered up right now and she can’t help, there I am sweltering, ready to pass out carrying loads of old plywood and stuff up the ramp, into the large, hot, metal truck. Oh and the ants, apparently there was an ant infestation in the wood pile…and we had no raid. Picture this, stomping on a two foot pile of wood every time you take a piece away. Joyful. Add in the heat and it was pure h-e-l-l.

Though I guess I impressed dad with all this and am getting lunch out of the deal tomorrow. Woohoo!

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