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nothing as interesting as new hero material or locations for Vegas hijinx.

Nope, starting to look at laptops. And I’m SO clueless about computers.

So anyone who has a laptop, any thoughts on what to look for?


  1. Nell Dixon

    I have a compaq presario which is lovely but I’ve worn the letters off the keys which is why my posts always have typos! lol

  2. Lis

    *g* Your not alone! I’ve worn about three letters off this keyboard and on my old mac you can barely find a letter lol

  3. Bailey Stewart

    Is it the letter “n”? 🙂

    I want a laptop, but I have to invest in an ebook reader instead.

  4. Lis

    How did you know Eve? lol But there’s a tad bit of the ‘N’ left at the bottom, but nothing but a faint memory of the ‘M’.

    Cool on the ebook reader. :o)

  5. Bailey Stewart

    Well if all of my friends insist on putting out ebooks, then what’s a gal to do?

  6. Lis

    Good point :o)

    Nell, what type of keyboard do you have on your laptop? I’ve heard there’s two types, a touch pad or something and another one.

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