Happy December

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Happy December 1st!

I apparently blinked and missed November 🙂 Or rather, I was chained to the desk, taking 3 workshops, trying not to pull my hair out revising and updating the store almost 14 hours a day for the last week and a half. Add to that I managed to sprain my left wrist, jam my right index finger in the last while and I’m kinda glad to see November go. Just hoping December is better all around.

With any luck, I can stay chained to the desk, get the revisions finished on one project, send it back to the editor and figure out where the muse wants to play next. It’s given me a couple new ideas, but till these revisions are done I don’t want to commit to anything.

On the plus side, I finally ordered the Writers Digest Character Naming Sourcebook. So no one needs to hear me whine anymore about my characters popping up nameless which they now like to do. I’m even tired of my stick-in temporary names. And oddly enough I have a strange fondness for A, S and J names. Can’t figure out where that came from.

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