Feels Like A Monday

Even though its Tuesday. Did fairly good on the challenge yesterday, 14 typed pages and three handwritten scribbled down during RAW. (Amazing how inspiring HBK can be!)

Feeling a bit ‘ugh’ though right now. Nausea to the hilt. Not fun. Just managed to drink a pepsi, so yay on that. Have no idea what I feel like I could eat right now. There’s a turkey sandwich in the fridge but even the thought of bread right now is a big uh no thanks.

Other than that, trying to get some work done. And its starting to snow again here. Hard little pellets of snow that were quite ouch-worthy when I went to grab the mail. Though I did get my copy of a book I won at chat last month that I’m looking forward to reading.

Oh does anyone know any good websites with blog templates? I’m thinking about doing a bit of a change on here but other than renaming the blog (which looks easy enough. and 5 bonus points to anyone who can guess what I’m thinking of changing it to *g*) not much I can do on my own.

3 thoughts on “Feels Like A Monday”

  1. Hugs on the sickness — I hear ya!

    If you upgrade to Beta Blogger (you may have already) then there are options to fancy-up your blog template. I haven’t had a look at it yet, but it sounds more extensive than the “normal” Blogger selection.

    Jess x

  2. Thanks guys. Well I made it through the day of yuckiness with a can and a half of cold pepsi and lays potato chips. Managed half a turkey sandwich at midnight. Yay me. Feel better today though.

    Went and looked at blogger, not many options that I can see. So I went with the name change so far. May have found a template that isn’t bad on a freebie website but have to see what all I have to do to switch over

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