In the ‘spirit’ of things…

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Since I can’t think of a good blog post, I thought I’d so something seasonal. With halloween quickly coming up, does anything have anything spooky/paranormal/unexplained that happened to them?
I’ve had a few odd experiences. Seen things. I’m not sure if I’ve posted this one before but about a month, maybe two ago, I was in the living room, dad was in the rocking chair and I looked over and behind him there was this faint figure (just the torso visible) that moved straight towards the front door. Which creeped me out.

Like on most haunted, my house has those weird footsteps in the hall when no one’s around. The sound of someone sitting on a bed when well no one’s there (which is especially creepy when your writing in the basement in the dark!). And the only lights that go on by themselves are a string of halloween lights without a blinker bulb that have decided to blink on their own. Which really is kinda creepy if they’re the only light you have on and suddenly…pitch blackness…

So have you experienced anything paranormal?

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  1. Ooh, creepy!

    The house we lived in when I was in my teens made me very nervous. A soldier-on-leave had died in the bathroom, plus it had a spooky cellar, and I *hated* being alone there.

    Jess x

  2. I think the creepiest thing is hearing things. That puts me more on edge.

    And yikes Jess! Sounds really spooky. Dark cellars and basements to me are just asking for weird things to happen

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