I’ve been sick the last three/four days. It started Saturday afternoon when I felt really yucky at Costco and its gotten worse from there. Though however, Saturday I did discover the loveliness that is the Harvey’s cheeseburger. Yum! Wouldn’t mind another one of those. But since we’re all sick, the likelihood of getting one is slim to zilch. I’ve been trying to do some work, but really, there isn’t a lot happening with the way I feel. Did spend some time reading on the weekend and finished a new book last night. It comes out next month, LIKELY STORY by David Van Etten. Really coolRead More →

Despite everything that possibly could go wrong this morning going wrong — getting booted from the pitch after the first question; computer locking up and becoming unresponsive, my dad bringing me the laptop and tripping on his way downstairs… I did manage to get a request for Dark Intent. I’m feeling rather eh about the whole thing–not the request, request is always good but I think I’m having post traumatic shock about the rest of it. So there you go. If I go in silent mode for awhile its because I’m putting the finishing touches on Ryder and Arabella and trying to get over myRead More →

Got the detailed info yesterday on the pitch. Need to check tonight and make sure I can get into the chat room and decide which browser has less chance of freezing up. But according to the list, I’m going fourth. Works for me. :o) I think I was fourth too last time I did the temptation pitch. Still trying to think what I don’t know about the story and trying to figure it out. Probably spend the weekend writing notes and putting them on the computer. I know someone on the thread suggested having it handy for copying and pasting. Sounds good to me, becauseRead More →

Some really good news just hit my inbox a couple minutes ago. Remember how I entered that nocturne pitch? Well, I’m one of the 5 the editor picked to pitch. I still grinning like an idiot. And now I have to try and figure out what I don’t know about Ryder and Arabella so I can be prepared next week. :o)Read More →

Had a good day today, despite missing my Nocturne folder for a good most of the afternoon. See, most of the ms is handwritten and in one of two binders. My research notes and some of the handwritten scenes that I need to put the info into are in the folder, which has been always with the blue note-tote binder all week. So this afternoon, I have the house to myself. I have my binders on my desk ready to work. I find the first group of pages to type in the binder and get to typing. Finish those, go to grab the ones outRead More →

Well the nocturne blurb for the pitch is in, after spending the weekend brainstorming up titles (and oh some of them were B_A_D). So I can relax on that part and work on getting the research notes I got from a q&a; into the ms. Fun! Actually the lady who answered my questions gave me tons of info which actually got me another scene idea for the novel. Should be good once I get it all down. Plus I get to spend the time typing up the handwritten pages, which unfortunately for this one, there is a lot of. In other news, its that funRead More →

I’m trying hard to forget how long the latest round of submissions has been out. (One since Feb. 19th if you must know… that’s the longest one…) I finishing up my nocturne blurb on the weekend, well I had the paragraphs done, the hero finally renamed himself to a decent name last week (Ryder) and I got a title I can live with yesterday so off I emailed. So its in and I can relax, look over the research questions one of the ladies on one of my loops kindly answered and work it in. One answer spawned a new scene which I think willRead More →

Just thought it was super classy after the Canucks-Flames game ended last night and Iffy and the rest of the flames went over to Linden. I don’t think a lot of teams would have done it and to see the guys who had already gone to the locker room come back on the ice for that… well done :o) And yay for Iggy getting his 50th of the season! Nice goal too. Can you guess who I’m cheering for in the playoffs? heheRead More →

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