Pitch Pt 2

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Got the detailed info yesterday on the pitch. Need to check tonight and make sure I can get into the chat room and decide which browser has less chance of freezing up. But according to the list, I’m going fourth. Works for me. :o) I think I was fourth too last time I did the temptation pitch.

Still trying to think what I don’t know about the story and trying to figure it out. Probably spend the weekend writing notes and putting them on the computer. I know someone on the thread suggested having it handy for copying and pasting. Sounds good to me, because my mind just might go blank and I could start calling Arabella Ryder by mistake, or messing up their character. Plus there’s a few more research points I need clarified too that should be worked in.

So you know if the blog’s silent the next few days, I’m busy rereading, editing and trying to brush up on my characters! :o)

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