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I’ve been sick the last three/four days. It started Saturday afternoon when I felt really yucky at Costco and its gotten worse from there. Though however, Saturday I did discover the loveliness that is the Harvey’s cheeseburger. Yum! Wouldn’t mind another one of those. But since we’re all sick, the likelihood of getting one is slim to zilch.

I’ve been trying to do some work, but really, there isn’t a lot happening with the way I feel. Did spend some time reading on the weekend and finished a new book last night. It comes out next month, LIKELY STORY by David Van Etten. Really cool YA.

Anyways, quick update to let ya know I am still breathing just well, feeling pretty craptastic at the moment.

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  1. Lots of hugs on feeling unwell. If I’d been closer, I’d come with chicken soup or one of those Harvey cheeseburgers!

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